About Us

Ever since I can remember, I have been a lover of all things beauty. Be it makeup, fashion, or jewelry - I’ve always had the passion of decorating myself from head to toe. When I look through my childhood photo albums, I see my little self adorned in pretty earrings, bold accessories, hair clips, etc. As I grew older, became a mom, and entered the corporate workforce, I realized the gap in the beauty industry for affordable, yet unique and high quality accessories such as bridal products, hair pieces, and jewelry.

That’s when I merged my passion for beauty and business into one, and B.Jewelled was born.

Initially, I had the intent to cater to the people of my city. However, not long after I launched B.Jewelled, I was getting messages and orders from not only across the country, but world wide. People from all places, all nationalities, all cultures were admiring my products and appreciating the unique designs paired with affordable prices.

My vision includes to continue catering to customers of all different diversities and needs by growing B.Jewelled to reach as far as I can. My goal is to always offer the most unique products, at the best prices.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoy B.Jewelled as much as I do!